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-=== Discharge modeling in the Multiscale Dynamics group at CWI ===+===== Discharge modeling in the Multiscale Dynamics group at CWI =====
-One of the main research topics ​of the [[http://​​research-groups/​Multiscale-Dynamics|Multiscale Dynamics]] group at [[http://​​|CWI]] is the modeling ​of various ​discharges. On this Wiki you can find (among ​other things):+Lightning phenomena, plasma processing, plasma medicine and high voltage 
 +technology are governed by similar physical mechanisms. These mechanisms evolve 
 +on multiple scales in space and time, frequently ordered in a hierarchical 
 +structure. A main focus of the 
 +[[http://​​research-groups/​Multiscale-Dynamics|Multiscale Dynamics]] 
 +group at [[http://​​|CWI]] is a better understanding ​of rapidly pulsed 
 +discharges ​in air and other media (streamers, leaders, nanosecond pulsed 
 +discharges, plasma bullets, terrestrial gamma-ray flashes, transient luminous 
 +events etc.), in collaboration with colleagues in plasma physics, electrical and 
 +mechanical engineering,​ atmospheric electricity and cosmic particle physics. 
 +Experimental investigations,​ theory and numerical simulations complement each 
 +other in providing a route to understanding.
-  * A short description of the [[research:​start|research topics]] studied in our group 
-  * An introduction to several [[codes:​start|simulation codes]] that we use 
-  * Links to the source code 
-  * Code documentation 
-  * [[simulations:​start|Examples]] 
-Now why do we make our simulation codes available online? For the following reasons: 
-  * So that others can use or copy (part of) it, or can extract ideas from it. 
-  * So that (published) results can be reproduced and checked. 
-  * To get feedback and suggestions from others, as to improve our work. 
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